Monday, October 02, 2006


Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I had no idea how much time and work went into running for homecoming Queen.

There were three shopping trips to the closest big town. Two hair appointments and a set of nails. Then shoes, jewelry, and hair accessories. After trying on at least one hundred different dresses Kate settled on three beautiful gowns.

Kate's Thursday night dress for the pep rally was a pink one that resembles Cinderella's ball gown. For the football game a slinky royal blue gown that was a little revealing. But Dad kept a close eye on her. And for the Saturday parade and the end of homecoming, Kate picked a black and silver gown.

Unfortunately Kate did not win the crown. But her attitude was outstanding and I was extremely proud of her. On Thursday evening at the pep rally the announcement was made. The junior class candidate won the crown. After the crowning Kate jumped off the stage and joined the band. Formal gown and all.

On the way to the bon fire I asked Kate if she was upset that she didn't win. With a huge smile, Kate said no I am just glad they liked me enough to nominate me. And I am having a lot of fun.

At the game Friday night the Queen and her court had their own section to sit in. Kate a self discribed band geek kept sneaking over to play in the band. The principle told Kate not to worry about the band and enjoy the game with the other candidates.

At halftime the Queen and her court were escorted by their Dads onto the field. The announcer gave a short bio about each girl. Then they were presented with a gift from the ex-student association.

On Saturday afternoon there is a parade. The homecoming Queen and court ride in a convertible. When their car came by I had to laugh. There was Kate, one leg hanging over the side. In a formal dress, barefooted, wearing shades, and waving like Queen Elizabeth.

Even though Kate didn't win the title and crown of homecoming Queen. She is still a winner to me. You'll get em' next year Kate!!
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